Chris Worley

I chose OSU because it was a financially feasible, out of state, university with a superb engineering program. However, as I visited the university and began my studies I realized that OSU felt like home to me. The campus is welcoming and everyone is very friendly which really helps when I’m 9 hours from home. OSU is also known for having “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration” and that tradition is something that awakened my love for the university. It’s the traditions and love for the school that bring people from all over the country to study here.

I am involved in the OSU Air Force ROTC Detachment, FarmHouse Fraternity and I studied abroad at the University of Malta in Spring, 2013.

After college, I will be commissioned in the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. I am currently working for a pilot slot, flying fighter aircraft. If I am successful, I will be with the Air Force for at least 10 years. After my Air Force career, I intend to pursue other careers in aviation.

The person who has made the difference in my life is my father. He sparked my interest of flying which has blossomed into an incredible passion. He has always encouraged me to do my best and that success comes from working hard. He has always been the example I have looked towards to see the rewards of what working hard can bring.

College has made me a better person from three main activities: FarmHouse Fraternity, Study Abroad, and US Air Force ROTC. FarmHouse is making a better person by teaching me what it means to be a good gentleman and how to conduct myself around business people. Having the skills to be able to talk with people and be confident of yourself is something you can gain in some fraternities and FarmHouse has done just that for me. Study Abroad has helped me to become a better person by giving me a broader perspective beyond my home and college. It has taught has me to converse and get along with people who think differently. It has also helped me establish contacts that I now have all around the world and given me the ability to acquire opinions of people from all different walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. US Air Force ROTC has helped me to become a better man by increasing my respect for those who have gone through the military life. I have always held the utmost respect for the people in our military and now that I am becoming one of those men and see what they had to sacrifice. It makes me even more excited to be able to serve our country.

Oklahoma State University is able to help me achieve my goals by the opportunities that they set out for me. I would be traveling a different route if my university did not have an aviation program or an ROTC detachment. Without the opportunities that OSU has provided for me, I would be a low GPA student shut-up in my room not talking with people. However, FarmHouse Fraternity, studying for the Aviation Professional Pilot degree, and beginning my military journey with ROTC, have charted a course that will help me achieve any goal I set for myself.

The Chase Scholarship has meant everything to my family and myself. Every time I describe the scholarship to someone I simply say, “Without this scholarship I would be unable to attend Oklahoma State.” The Chase Scholarship has provided me the opportunity to branch out, break the norm, and go to a school far from home that has given me a college experience unlike any other and has prepared me for success in a challenging career serving my country.

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