DeShea Hanagan

I chose Texas Tech for many reasons. First, it is the perfect distance from home, being not too far but not to close! I really wanted to be a part of their Judging Program, they are extremely successful. Lastly, they have a really great Agricultural Communications program, which is what I always wanted to study.

I am involved in:

  • Ambassadors for Agriculture
  • Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow
  • Agriculture Council   
  • Agri-Techsans
  • American Meats Science Association
  • Block and Bridle, Historian
  • Collegiate FFA, Agriculture Council Representative
  • Texas Tech Meats Science Association
  • 2014 Texas Tech Meats Judging Team, President  
  • 2013 Texas Tech Wool Judging Team, Agriculture Council Representative


  • National Champion Wool Judging Team
  • American FFA Degree Recipient
  • Texas Tech Deans Academic List, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

After I receive my Bachelors in Agricultural Communications I plan on attending Graduate School and obtaining a Masters in Agricultural Education. Hopefully I can get a career as a communications coordinator for an Agricultural related area such as a stock show or the USDA etc. I also could become an Agricultural Education Teacher just like my Dad. My biggest career goal is to one day own my own meat market.

My parents have gotten me where I am today. Since I have been to college I have realized how blessed I am to grow up in the home I have. My parents have taught me the best core values and I’m so thankful for that. Because of my parents I have instilled in me a hard working positive attitude.  My Dad is the person who taught me everything I needed to know about Agriculture and because of him I wanted to make a lifetime career out of it and someday be just like him. My Mom taught me how to be such a positive uplifting person to everyone I come in contact with and this is a quality I really cherish and has helped me get to where I am and continue to do so.

College has allowed me to spread my wings and discover new things I never expected I would. Because of college I am a person that is a confident person and I’m more confident in my abilities. College has allowed me to reach out and join clubs and be a part of many things with some of the best people I have ever met. College has especially allowed me to branch out and figure out the things I really enjoy and what I am talented in. Most importantly it’s allowed me to discover myself and who I want to be and what I want to do. Through college I have been on a very successful team, visited China and been participated in many organizations. This has allowed me to meet some great people and develop some great relationships along with visit places I never would be able to and finally gain so much knowledge in areas I highly enjoy.

College is no doubt giving me all the skills to achieve all the goals I have set out for myself. Whether I am learning in the classroom or with my judging team or just learning skills along the way, every bit is helping me reach my goals. Not only is the knowledge I am taking in helping my future endeavors but the connections I am making are just as important. If there is one thing I have really learned is the connections you make are just as important.

The Chase Scholarship means more to my family and myself than could ever be expressed. I feel so lucky to have lived in a town that is so generous. Without the Chase Scholarship I wouldn’t be able to have attended Texas Tech and I wouldn’t be accomplishing all my dreams and goals. The Chase family will never cease to amaze me with their giving hearts. I could never fully express how thankful I am for not only the scholarship I receive from the Chase Foundation but the wonderful opportunities I have received from them. They truly are helping me accomplish so much. Along with this they are giving me the skills to have a giving heart just like themselves, through the community service projects. They have allowed me to be a better college student through the mentors they have. The Chase Foundation has done so much for my family and I am so absolutely grateful.


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