Jayci Grantham

I chose WT because I have family in the area and also I liked the community. I felt very comfortable when I came to visit the campus and knew I would love coming to school here. They offered many things that I was very interested with being involved in, making my choice even easier.

My goals after college are to spend time as a missional nurse on the Mercy Ship and then find a great job in a hospital in the newborn nursery and start a family.

My parents have made the biggest difference in my life. They support me in everything I do and encourage me to reach for my greatest goals. Even when I am not doing my best, they believe in me and what I'm doing and they have faith that I will make the best choices for my life. No matter what, they have always been there for me and believed in me.

College has made me a better person because I have learned how to be mature and make the decisions myself. There is no one telling me what to do or how to do it and I am in charge of making the decisions in my life. It also has provided me with so many opportunities that I otherwise would never been given the chance. It is broadening my spectrum in life and making me more open to the different walks of life.

College will help me achieve my goals in life by instructors teaching me the skills I must have in order for me to succeed. Without being here and being taught such things, I would be unsuccessful in the workplace.

The Chase scholarship has meant everything to me and my family. I have two other siblings in college right now and without this scholarship, we would most likely either not be in college or struggling to stay in college. With this scholarship, I can attend school without worrying so much about how I am paying for it. I do have a job, but it is mainly for spending money, because my school is mostly taken care of. The contribution the Chase family has made has made this college experience possible.

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