Eddy County Foster & Adoptive Parents

Eddy County Foster & Adoptive Parents
2411 Cerro Rd.
Artesia, NM 88210
Project Title
Care for Adoptive and Foster Children

We would like to keep a supply of brand new underwear and socks in various sizes. We would also like to keep a
small amount of cash on hand to purchase formula for infants coming into foster care, as well as provide age
appropriate school supplies to foster children. We would also like to have seasonal activities and crafts such as
coloring Easter eggs for an egg hunt or making Christmas ornaments. The activities will be planned and conducted
by members of the Eddy County Foster and Adoptive Family Association.
In the not too distant future we would like to gather Eddy County Families together and provide a small meal, such
as Pizza, and give the children attending a small gift. Foster and Adoptive children enjoy the company of each
other. They share the same experiences. We would like to raise money for new car-seats and cribs.
All of our activities support the well being of foster and adoptive children.

Eddy County Foster and Adoptive Family Association is a small group of individuals that have banned together to
serve children coming into the state foster care system. We have been an active group for a long time, but have
recently made our association more formal so we could acquire Federal non-profit status.
One of the main goals of our association is to provide emergency care bags for children coming into the state
foster care system. There are Children, Youth and Families Department offices in Artesia and Carlsbad, New
Mexico. The Eddy County office Manager has provided us a supply room at each location where we can store
emergency care bags. When an investigation worker takes a child into care, they will be able to grab an emergency
care bag for that child. Hopefully, this will offer children coming into care a small sense of comfort.

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