Guidelines for 5th Year Students

Fifth Year Seniors

Minimum Academic Requirements:

Consideration will only be given to those applicants who are current Chase Scholars, have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better through their first eight semesters of college and have a minimum of 110 college credit hours going towards their degree plan and will be obtaining their Bachelor's degree within the next two semesters.

Beginning with the Class of 2017 students, fifth year scholarships will not be available and the maximum scholarship funding will be up to eight (8) semesters.


All scholarship applications must be submitted by June 9th, 2018.

Time and Manner of Payment:

Payment of any scholarship awarded from the Funds will be paid directly from the Funds to the educational institution the recipient will be attending. A scholarship recipient is responsible for notifying the Chase Foundation for which the scholarship is to be paid of the following: (i) the name of the educational institution to which the scholarship should be sent; (ii) the address of the educational institution; (iii) the applicant’s total tuition, books and board for the academic year.

Duration of Award:

As a general rule, scholarship awards for fifth year college seniors will be made for one year for attending an accredited college or university in getting a Bachelor's degree. Additionally to receive funds after the first semester, the recipient must maintain a 2.5+ cumulative GPA and be enrolled for 15+ semester hours.  Awards will only be given to Fifth Year Seniors to obtain an undergraduate degree.  Students who have graduated with a degree, or have enough credit hours completed to attain an undergraduate degree, will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarship Awards:

Generally the scholarships awarded will range from $0 up to $5,500 per year. The awards will vary in accordance with students funding from additional sources and can change on a semester basis.  Additionally students maintaining a 3.0+gpa are eligible for an incentive bonus of $500 per semester (see book stipend).

Loss of Scholarship Eligibility:

(i) Cumulative GPA under 2.5; (ii) less than 15 semester hours; (iii) failure to notify the Chase Foundation of a school transfer; (iv) failure to meet the deadline in providing your GPA after the college semester.  (Intersession courses are not eligible for the minimum 15+ credit hours)

No Binding Obligation:

Although a scholarship applicant may fulfill the minimum requirements for applying for a Chase Scholarship, there is no guarantee that a fifth year scholarship will be awarded to the applicant. Applicants will be reviewed on a case by case basis and scored on a merit system. If in any particular year the demand for these scholarships exceeds the number of scholarships the funds can support, the scholarships will be awarded on a limited basis.


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