Guidelines for Scholars

Chase ScholarsMinimum Requirements for a Scholarship from the Funds:

The Funds will only accept scholarship applications from current Artesia High School seniors who are U.S. citizens and who have been accepted to an accredited college, university or trade school in the United States.  Applicant must have attended Artesia Public Schools for (4) consecutive years with a minimum 3.0+ solid gpa. 

Additionally, the applicant must complete the FAFSA application for the current year attending college.

Selection Criteria Used for 2019 Chase Scholarship Awards

  • ACT Score
  • GPA through the first 7 semesters
  • AP Courses
  • School Activities, Athletics, Band, etc.
  • Dual Credit Hours
  • Community Service
  • Essays
  • Leadership Positions
  • How long attended Artesia Public Schools
The Chase Scholarship is a competitive scholarship based on selected criteria in awarding the scholarships to students. 

Opportunity Scholar

Students not receiving the initial Chase Scholarship for the Fall semester can become eligible for the Chase Scholarship at the end of their first semester. To be considered after the first semester, students will need to follow the guidelines in turning their Fall transcript in by the required deadline. Eligibility for scholarship funding the second semester will be determined on 15 credit hours, semester gpa and courses taken. The Chase Scholarship Advisory Board will review applicant’s transcripts in determining the eligibility of awarding a Chase Scholarship.


All scholarship applications must be submitted by April 22nd, 2019. Applications received before the application opens on April 16th, 2019 will NOT be accepted!

Time and Manner of Payment:

Payment of any scholarship awarded from the Funds will be paid directly from the Funds to the educational institution the recipient will be attending. A scholarship recipient is responsible for notifying the Chase Foundation each year for which the scholarship is to be paid of the following: (i) the name of the educational institution to which the scholarship should be sent; (ii) the address of the educational institution; (iii) the applicant’s total tuition, books and board for the academic year; and (iv) as to years following the initial year of enrollment that the recipient is still a student in good standing at the educational institution and a 2.5+ cumulative GPA and 15+ credit hours for the semester (Intersession courses are not eligible for the minimum 15+ credit hours. - No more than 6 on-line credit hours per semester will be included in the 15 credit hour minimum).

Duration of Award:

As a general rule, scholarship awards will be made for two consecutive years if the recipient is attending a community college and four consecutive years if the recipient is attending an accredited college or university. Additionally to receive funds after the first semester, the recipient must maintain a 2.5+ cumulative GPA and be enrolled for 15+semester hours. In exceptional situations, the Chase Scholarship Advisory Committee may extend the period, but not the amount, of the award. Exceptions may include but not limited to: an interruption in post secondary education due to any of the following:
(i) military service of more than thirty days; (ii) an extended illness; or (iii) the need to take care of a family member during an extended illness or, (iv) a degree program requiring 5 years for graduation.

Scholarship Awards:

Generally the scholarships awarded will range from $0 up to $5,500 per year. The awards will vary in accordance with students funding from additional sources and can change on a semester basis.  Additionally students maintaining a 3.0+gpa are eligible for an incentive bonus of $500 per semester (see book stipend).

Loss of Scholarship Eligibility:

(i) cumulative GPA under 2.5; (ii) less than 15 semester hours; (iii) failure to notify the Chase Foundation of a school transfer; (iv) failure to enroll in a college or university for the fall semester after high school graduation; (v) failure to meet the deadline in providing your GPA after each college semester, (vi) a semester GPA falling below 1.25, (vii) failure to participate in mandatory mentorship program at participating schools could result in loss of scholarship.  (Intersession courses are not eligible for the minimum 15+ credit hours - No more than 6 on-line credit hours per semester will be included in the 15 credit hour minimum).
In the event that a scholar is ineligible, the scholar has one semester to regain eligibility.

No Binding Obligation:

Although a scholarship applicant may fulfill the requirements for Applying for a Chase Scholarship, there is no guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded. Beginning in 2018, scholarships will be limited based on the scoring of the application.


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