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About Us

Chase Foundation / About Us

Who we are

The Chase Foundation was established in 2006 by Mack and Marilyn Chase to help serve the community of Artesia and the not-for-profit organizations in Southeastern New Mexico.

The Chase Foundation pursues this vision through positive community initiatives, resources, and the collaborative efforts of partnering organizations. The foundation invests in lasting change to improve the lives of our fellow citizens and the future of our communities. The foundation is deeply committed to the importance of partnerships and community participation to strengthen the success of the program. Most of all, the Chase family is convinced that each of us can make a difference in shaping lives in a positive way through community involvement, quality education programs, and the desire to build strong communities through innovative approaches.

Mission Statement

The Chase Foundation affirms its founder’s vision of giving people a chance to improve their quality of life for the well being of community and family. The Chase Foundation peruses this vision through positive community initiatives, resources, and the collaborative efforts of partner organizations

Value Statement

The Chase Foundation is defined by the values of the founder. This includes a strong connection to Public Schools, College Institutions, Youth and a passion to improve the quality of life for all families through education and quality community programs.


  • Building strong communities through partnerships to provide a positive economic change.
  • Desire to enhance the capacity of individuals, families or institutions at a local level.
  • Seek projects that employ innovative approaches to problems and that identify and address emerging issues.
  • Support projects that are addressed to youth initiatives and programs.
  • The foundation believes all people have the capacity to effect change in their lives, their organizations and in their community.
  • The foundation believes stewardship requires fidelity to the intent of the founder, in wise use of resources, responsibility, unselfishness and a passion to make a difference in each and every life young and old.
  • The foundation values integrity of purpose, action and partnerships and believes it essential for successful quality of life programs.